Professional Skill Development

This subject is non-technical. It includes the most awaited thing, diversion. No, you are not allowed free or left simply, but supposed to prepare for presentations and development of good skills for Good Communication later. One has to concentrate on this subject to improve personality, fluency of Languages, Presentation skills, Communication Skills.

Reference: Effective Businees Communication by Herta Murphy


Effective communication in Business:

Importance and benefits of effective communication., Components of communication, The concepts and problems of communication, Non-verbal communication.

Seven C's of Effective Communication:
The Process of preparing Effective Business Messages.

The Appearance and Design of Business messages:

Business letters, Memorandums, Special time saving message media.

Persuasive Written Business,:
Short Reports, Long (Formal) Reports, Strategies for Successful Speaking and Successful Listening, Strategies for Successful Informative and Persuasive Speaking., Strategies for successful interpersonal Communication, Strategies for successful Business and Group Meetings.

Communication Games Report writing skills, Effective communication Skills, Technical Project Report preparation

Issues of basic human Psychology and value system.

Negotiation Skills


Communications in Organizations, Dalmar Fisher, Jaico Publishing House
Effective Business Communications, Herta A. Murphy, Herbert W. Hildebrandt &
Jane P. Thomas, McGraw Hill
Report Writing for Business, Lesikar, Raymond, Richard D. Irwin Inc.
Business Communication: Strategies and Solutions, John W. Baird & James B. Stull,
McGraw Hill
Tough Choices- Managers Talk Ethics, Toffler, Allied Publishers Pvt. Ltd.
Lateral Thinking, Edward De Bono, Penguin Books


Barriers to communication
   (Presentation 1)    (Presentation 2)

Report Writing
   (Presentation 1)     (Presentation 2)
   (Documentation )     (PDF)

Negotiating Skills
   (Presentation)     (Documentation)

   (Presentation)     (Documentation)

Business Messages:Letters and Memorandums
   (Presentation)     (Documentation)

Technical Reports & Short Proposals
    (Presentation)     (Documentation)


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