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Lets go back to old times... The name of the subject is inappropriate. This subject contains all commands that are there in UNIX, Shell Scripting and theory about Operating Systems with UNIX as a special case. One really gets bored with the subject in class because on entering a command in your notebook, definitely won't bring you an excitement as it would on a computer. Once something is done in class, one can practise at home or in the LAB the various commands. What is important is to learn how the commands doing different jobs can be used to do a different kind of task. In all, a good subject to learn and understand.


Unix Shell Programming
Unix Operating system Overview: Unix System Architecture, Operating system services
General Unix commands: Unix commands like ls , cp etc, Unix utilities like grep, wc etc.
Fundamentals of Unix shell programming: Functions, variables, special symbols, looping and decision making, test command, error checking in shell programming.
Introduction to VI - editor for editing text.
Security in Unix : Password, Characteristic of good password, Files permissions , Directory permissions
Elementary Unix networking : Inter-system mail, ftp , telnet , uucp, cu, Basic network topologies.
Introduction to AWK utility: command-line structure , flow control , built-in functions.
Unix C Programming
Introduction to gcc " C compiler, Compiling and Executing C " programs on UNIX platform.
Unix System Programming
System calls: Files related: File subsystem, File descriptor, File table, Inode, File Descriptor table, Inode table,
Process related: Process, Process table, Child process, Mode of execution, Orphans, Pipes, Semaphores


UNIX by "Sumitabha Das"
Operating Systems by "Godbole"

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To learn The art of UNIX Programming

Advanced Programming In The UNIX Environment, 2nd Edition


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