Operating Systems

One of the most important subjects to be covered in great detail. Requires consistent touch with the concepts and mind you, there are a lot of concepts that one has to know and understand. Leads you to understand how is your computer working with the most popular Windows. However, GNU/Linux (any distribution) is technically better than Windows, if you have a look at the various functionality of different functions. Windows has grown because of its simplicity and a GUI that is much easier to use. GNU/Linux, is coming up with better GUI's so that people use it. After studying the concepts a design can be prepared for developing an operating systems. An experience of using computers for more than two years with some novice level of technical knowledge and how-to would really help in this subject.


Introduction to operating systems design and implementation.
Basics of operating systems, namely structure, concurrency, scheduling,
synchronization, memory management, filesystems and networking.
Ubiquitous computing, security and extensible system architectures, Process
Deadlock Distributed Operating Systems and Remote Procedure Calls, Theoretical
Foundations Distributed Mutual Exclusion, Protection and Security, Cryptography,
Database Operating Systems, Concurrency Control, System Performance

Modern Operating Systems by Tanenbaum,
Network operating Systems by William Stallings,
Operating systems by Silberschatz,
Operating Systems Concepts and DesignMilan Milenkovic, TMG,
Operating Systems Design and Implementation, Andrew S Tanenbaum
Albert S Woodhull, Prentice-Hall of India pvt ltd
Operating Systems with case studies in UNIX NETWARE, WINDOWS NT Achyut S Godbole, TMG

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