As the name suggest, this is exclusively a subject dealing with Programming. C Programming is the language included is this subject. This is one of the most important subject and a very important part of BSc. I.T. as this course consists of more programming subjects in three years. So, this subject build up the fundamentals of Programming.

Reference: "Let us C" By Yashwant Kanetkar. "Schuam Outline series: Programming In C" and "The Complete reference" by Herbert Shield.

Websites: (Yashwant Kanetkar's website) Source codes of many programs)


C Fundamentals:
Character set, Identifiers and Keywords, Data Types, Constants, Variables and Arrays, Declarations, Operators & Expressions, Library functions, Statements, Symbolic Constants, Preprocessor directives

Data Input and Output:

getchar(), putchar(), scanf(), printf(), gets(), puts() functions

Control Statements:

if-else, while, do-while, goto, for statements nested control structures, switch, break, continue statements comma operator

Function prototypes, passing arguments to a function by value, recursion storage classes, automatic, External, static, register variables in single file environment.

Defining - processing array, passing arrays to functions, Introduction to
multidimensional arrays, arrays and strings.

Declarations, Referencing and de-referencing, passing pointers to functions, pointer to array, Operations on File using pointers.

Concept of Dynamic Allocation of Memory, Linked List.
Structures and Unions , Defining and processing a structure

Let us C by Yaswant Kanetkar BPB



Simple Program

Sum of the No.s

Factorial of a No.

Even or Odd

Prime or not

Add,Sub,Mul,Div & Modu

Areas of Circle, Square, Rectangle & Triangle

Get more programs of C,

Books :


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