Design Analysis and Algorithms

Design Analysis and Algorithms is one Big subject that has to be dealt with patience and lot of reading. This subject is very essential and the part included in the syllabus is very essential for designing a lot of softwares. The subject becomes really exciting when you actually implement them as 'C' programs. The best way to understand the use of this subject is by writing the Algorithm, preparing a rough run (by writing in the notebook or by working on the computer), then writing a 'C' program and find the results. A handful of Sorting, Searching, Linked List algorithms with program will help you build good applications. Think of a project of Building a Database maintaing an entire Address book using Doubly Linked Lists. :-)

Reference: Data Structures by Lipschutz Schuam series


Introduction and analysis of algorithms, Elementary data Structures. Arrays, Linked list, Stacks and Queues, Trees, Heaps and Heapsorts, Set and disjoint set union, Graphs, Hashing. Divide And Conquer General method, Binary search, Finding the maximum and minimum, Merge sort, Quick sort, Selection sort, Strassen multiplication. The Greedy Method, General method, Optimal storage on tapes, Knap sack problem, Job sequencing with deadlines, Optimal merge patterns, Minimum spanning trees, Single source shortage path. Basic Search And Traversal Techniques The techniques of code optimization, AND/OR graphs, Game trees, Bi- connected components and depth-first search. Breadth Search, Back Tracking General method of 8-queens problem, Sum of subsets, Graph coloring, Hamilton cycles, Knapsack problem.

Reference :
Introduction to algorithms, Thomas Corman, R Ronald, PHI
How to solve by Computers, R. G. Bromei, PHI
Mastering Algorithms with C, Kyle Loudon, O K#+55:
Digital Logic, John M Yarbrough, Brooks/cole, Thompson Learning


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