Computational Mathematics

Computational Mathematics is one of the subject that one will definitely like. All it includes is solving mathematical problems using computers. This subject consists of Algorithms, Programs (Ofcouse C/C++) Flowcharts, Solving methods, ones that include Statistical Techniques. It mainly includes Various Mathematical, Statistical Methods and the programs that could be written for that. Newton Raphson, Newton Forward Interpolation Formula, Picard's, Euler's,etc. The last portion includes Linear Programming Problems.... one that was done in the XIIth Standard


Introduction to Errors in Numerical Calculations:
Absolute Error, Relative Error, Percentage Error. Solution to Algebraic and Transcendental Equation: - Bisection Method, the Method of False Position, Newton-Raphson Method.
Interpolation: - Forward Difference, Backward Difference,Newton Interpolation, Newton Least
Square Curve fitting: Fitting a straight line, Parabola. Solution of simultaneous algebraic equations (linear): - Cramer Method, Gauss Elimination with partial pivoting, Gauss-Jordan Method, Gauss- Seidel Method. Numerical solution of 1 st and 2 nd order
differential equations: - Taylor series, Euler, kutta Method for 1 st and 2 nd Order Differential Equation, Picard Trapezoidal Rule, Simpson, Linear Programming Model and their Graphical Solutions. Transportation problems PERT/CPM.

S. S. Sastry, Numerical Analysis!

Computational Mathematics - Programs


Bisection Method

False Position Method

Newton Raphson Method

Lagrange's Interpolation

Forward & Backward Interpolation

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