Software Engineering

So, you want "XYZ" ok... lets start coding.. STOP! Probably, this was the way you were developing some small softwares or program. Software Engineering, talks about engineering a product. It is the application of the knowledge you have to a software. You have to understand the idea behind developing the software, various parameters involved, cost, benefit, quality, reliability etc. The subject includes the software models for developing softwares and project planning ideas with different structures that are being followed in the companies. It makes you understand that just the code for a software would not suffice, you need to plan and implement it in the best way.


i) Introduction, What is software engineering?
ii) Software Development Life Cycle, Requirements Analysis, Software Design, Coding, Testing, Maintenance etc. iii) Software Requirement Specification, Waterfall Model, Prototyping Model, Iterative Enhancement Model, Spiral Model, Role of Management in Software Development, Role of Metrics and Measurement, Problem Analysis, Requirement Specification, Validation, Metrics, Monitoring and Control.
iv) System Design, Problem Partitioning, Abstraction, Top-down and bottom-up design, Structured Approach, Functional v/s Object-Oriented Approach, Design specification & verification, metrics, Monitoring & Control
v) Coding, Top-down & Bottom-up, Structured Programming, Information Hiding, Programming Style, Internal Documentation, Verification, Metrics, monitoring & control
vi) Testing, Levels of Testing- Functional Testing, Structural Testing, Test Plan, Test Cases Specification, Reliability assessment.
vii) Software Project Management, Cost Estimation, Project Scheduling, Staffing, Software Configuration Management, Quality Assurance, Project Monitoring, Risk Management


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