Computer Graphics

Graphics is one subject that is very interesting, if done gradually by exploring its core portions. In BSc I.T. it, the subject deals with the most important thing, Basic fundamentals. Objects, representations, Transformation of objects, Colors, Animation are the topics that are to be studied. These topics are not covered completely as that would become a very big portion. Only basics are explained and presented. A good Project, like a Graphics Package can be built up on the basis of this learning and some extra information through the internet.

Reference: Computer Graphics by "Hern and Baker" , Procedural Elements of Computer Graphics/Mathematical Elements of Computer Graphics by "David Roger"

Computer Graphics - Syllabus :

(a) Introduction:
What is computer graphics? Elements of graphics workstation, Video Display Devices- Raster Scan Systems, Random Scan Systems, Input Devices, Graphics Software Coordinate Representations, Fundamental problems in Geometry

(b) Algorithms:
Line drawing algorithms- DDA Algorithm, Bresenham's Line Algorithm, Frame Buffers, Circle and ellipse generating algorithms- Midpoint Circle Algorithm, Midpoint Ellipse Algorithm, Polynomials and spline curves, Filling- Filled Area Primitives, Scan-Line Polygon Fill Algorithm, Inside-Outside Tests, Scan-Line Fill of Curved Boundary Areas, Boundary-Fill Algorithm, Flood-Fill Algorithm, Character Generation, Attributes of lines, curves, filling, characters etc.

(c) Graphics Primitives:
Primitive Operations, The Display-File Interpreter- Normalized Device Coordinates, Display-File Structure Display-File Algorithms, Display Control, Polygons- Polygon Representation

(d) Attributes of Output Primitives:
Line Attributes- Line Type, Line Width, Pen and Brush Options, Line Color, Color and Grayscale levels- Color Tables, Grayscale, Area-Fill Attributes- Fill Styles, Pattern Fill, Soft Fill, Character Attributes, Text Attributes

(e) Geometric Transformations:
Matrices, Scaling Transformations- Sin and Cos Rotation, Homogeneous Coordinates and Translation, Coordinate Translations, Rotation about an arbitrary point, Inverse Transformations, Transformation Routines

(f) Two-Dimensional Viewing:
The viewing pipeline, Viewing Coordinate Reference Frame, Window-to-viewport Coordinate Transformation, Two-Dimensional Viewing Functions, Clipping Operations- Point Clipping, Line Clipping, Cohen-Sutherland Line Clipping, Polygon Clipping, Sutherland-Hodgeman Polygon Clipping

(g) Three-Dimensional Concepts:

Three-Dimensional Display Methods- Parallel

(h) Visibility:
Image and object precision, Z-buffer algorithm, Floating horizons

(i) Computer Animations,
Design of Animation Sequences, General Computer Animation Functions- Raster Animations, Key-Frame Systems, Morphing, Simulating Accelerations, Motion Specifications, Kinematics and Dynamics.

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