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Named as it is. Both Object Oriented Programming Languages together. However, both, subjects are not covered to the fullest. C++ is covered to a greater extent than Java. C++ focuses on simple programs initially and then jump to bigger programs. Much of the programming to be done in C++ should involve more of an object oriented approach than just simple programming. Java is comparatively better, as many feel, because much of the classes is directly available in the libraries. Easier Graphics programming, enhanced security, familiarity with C++ leads to much better programming. Concentration should be more on creating classes and developing object oriented programs and the syntax of various functions in JAVA.


C++ Fundamentals, Data types, Operators, Preprocessor directives, Declarations, Input & Output, control structures, functions and arrays.
Objects and Classes: Structures and Classes, Unions and Classes, Data hiding and encapsulation, Private and public members, Member functions, Accessing class members, Objects as function parameters, Static data and member functions, friend functions and friend classes.
Object Initialization and Cleanup: Constructors, Parameterized constructors, Destructor, Constructor overloading, Constructors with default arguments, Constructors with dynamic operations
Function and Operator Overloading: Function overloading, functions with default arguments, Inline functions, Unary operator overloading, Operator returning value, Binary operator overloading, Overloading arithmetic, relational and assignment operators.
Inheritance: Derived and base class, protected members, Overriding functions, Private, protected and public inheritance, Derived class constructors, Levels of inheritance and multiple inheritance
Virtual Functions and Polymorphism: Virtual Functions, Pure Virtual Functions, Abstract Classes, Using Virtual Functions, Early verses Late binding
Arrays, Pointers and References: Array of Objects, Initialized and Uninitialized Arrays, Pointer to Object,Pointer to derived types, Pointer to Class Member, Reference Parameters, Passing Reference to Objects, Returning References, Independent References, Dynamic Allocation Operators, Allocating Objects
Java :- Data Types, variables, Arrays, Operators, Control Statements, Introducing Classes, Inheritance, Packages and Interfaces, Exception Handling, Multithreaded
Programming, I/O Applets, String Handling, Exploring java.lang, Java.util, Java.I/O, Networking, The Applet Class, Event Handling

Reference :
Programming in C++ by Balagurusamy TMH
Starting out with C++ by Tony Gaddis PENRAM International Publishing(India)
Complete JAVA reference by Patrick Naughton JAVA Unleashed
Complete reference by Herbert shield TMH
Programming in C by Schuam out line series
Let us C++ by Yaswant Kanetkar BPB
Beginning C++, Ivor Horton
A first book of C++, Gary Bronson
Practical C++ programming, Steve Oualline Shroff Publishers
Teach Yourself C++ Herbert Schildt, TMG
Object Oriented design in c++ using STL, Nicholas J De Lillo, Brooks/Cole, Thompson Learning
Object Oriented programmimg using C++ E. Balaguruswamy TMG
Object oriented Programming in C++, Nabajyoti Barkakati, Prentice-Hall of India pvt ltd
Object Oriented Programming Using C++, Joyce Farrell, Course Technology Thompson Learning
Object oriented Programming with C++ and JAVA, D.Samantha Prentice-Hall of India pvt ltd

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