Object Oriented Programming

Read, Read, Understand.... Theorectically-oriented subject. Object Oriented Programming is an approach of programming in which everything is considered as an object having some properties(or attributes) and functions. There are a lot of important concepts like Inheritance, Polymorphism, Data Encapsulation etc. This subject should be thorougly known as many of Programming Langugaes require this as a prerequisite. JAVA is one of the famous one to be spoken about in context of OOP. There are quite a few books that talk about OOP but the essential part of this is solving CASE STUDIES, and then understanding the idea of OOP in it.


Approaches to reusability
Towards object technology
Abstract data types
Object-oriented techniques
The static structure: classes
The run-time structure: objects
Memory management
Design by Contract: Building reliable software
When the contract is broken: exception handling
Supporting mechanisms
Introduction to inheritance
Multiple inheritance
Inheritance techniques
Global objects and constants
Object-oriented methodology: applying the method well
On methodology
Design pattern: multi-panel interactive systems
Inheritance case study: "undo" in an interactive system
How to find the classes
Principles of class design
Using inheritance well
Useful techniques
A sense of style
Object-oriented analysis
The software construction process
Concurrency, distribution, client-server and the Internet
Object persistence and databases

Reference :
OOP by Timothy Budd, TMG
OOP by Bahrami
Object Oriented programmimg using C++, E. Balaguruswamy, TMG
Object-Oriented Modeling and Design by "James Rumbaugh"

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