This subject involves basic knowledge of Computer and its components along with the generations involved in formation of computers. One of its part includes Newtorking concepts that are very important. This subject is more theoretically based.

Reference: Information Management Systems, Data Communication and Networking


Information -
Definition, Characteristics & Interpretation, Data & its logical &
physical concepts

History of Computers and their classification, Basic Organization,Memory: -Primary RAM, ROM, EPROM etc. Secondary: - Magnetic-Floppy and Hard disks. Optical: - CDROM, WORM etc. Concept of Virtual Memory and Cache Memory and why are the needed, Computer Operation:- Instruction Cycle, Program flow of control with and without interrupts, Computer Arithmetic:- Number systems binary, Octal, Hexadecimal, Binary Addition, Subtraction and Multiplication, Flotation point representation and arithmetic, Arithmetic through stacks, Computer Language: Introduction to computer language, Definition of assembler Compiler and Interpreter, Basic concept of Data Base Management Systems.

Communication :
Concept of Analog and Digital Signal , Channel Capacity (Shannon Concept of Signal to Noise ratio, Encoding/ Decoding (Concept of Parity bit,Hamming Code), Transmission Media (Twisted Pair, Coaxial Cables, Micro Wave , Optical Fiber and Satellite), A/D and D/A conversion, Definition and Concept of Modulation, Communication technique- circuit switching, message switching and packet switching - their advantages and disadvantages

Type of Networks (LAN, MAN, WAN, etc), Network configuration: Basic ISO - OSI, Protocols: - What is Protocol?, Why it is needed? ,Token ring, Internet :- Introduction to Internet terminologies and concept of WWW, HTTP, e-mail, GIAS, Search engine, Domain name etc.

Computer Organization & Architecture- Designing & Performance, William Stallings, Prientice Hall of India Computer Networks, Andrew S. Tanenbaum, Prientice Hall of India Information Technology for Management, Henry C. Lucas, McGraw Hill Boylstead and Neshelesky


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