Mathematics II

As I earlier mentioned, Mathematics is an integral part of Computers. This part Maths in Semester II includes Double Integration, Triple Integration, Fourier Series, Beta & Gamma functions. Also, all these are very wide and require a specific constant practise. Vector methods, Divergence, Curl etc. are included as well.

Reference: College Mathematics VOL. 1,2,3 and "Higher Engg. Mathematics" by B.S. Grewal


Complex Numbers :
Cartesian, Polar & Exponential form, De-Moiver's theorem, Vector Algebra and Vector Differentiation " Product of three or more vector, Gradient, divergence & applications, Integral Calculus " ouble Integral., Triple Integral Differentiation under integral sign " Error functions, Beta and Gamma functions, Properties and duplication formula.

Fourier Series :

Orthogonal functions. Fourier series of even and odd functions. Laplace Transform " of all standard functions, Periodic function, inverse laplace transform, application of laplace transform, Complex Variables " Cauchy Riemann Equations, Mapping " Conformal Mapping & bilinear mapping, Concept of line integral, Riemann integral, Singularities " Poles, Evaluation of residues, Residue theorem


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